Lee's new eBook '100 Examples for the Modern Intermediate Guitarist' is now available.

'...this book represents a collection of resources which I have amassed throughout this time and in my most formative musical training years. These examples are designed to be used as a guide for guitar players in most popular music styles who are principally interested in furthering their own improvisation and harmony skills...'


Jazz guitarist Lee Jones has recorded 6 albums with former WEA producer Simon Tittley since 2007. His debut album 'Swish' was reviewed by Dave Gelly of The Observer and featured NYJO and Ronnie Scott's house drummer, the late Chris Dagley.

Lee's second album 'Songs From The 13th Hour' was given a 3 Star review by Jazzwise Magazine and was also reviewed in the London Evening Standard by the late Jack Massarik. Musicians contributing to the album included American jazz guitar legend Larry Coryell and saxophonist Jean Toussaint.

Lee's third album 'After The Pier' was reviewed by Keith Ames of Musician Magazine. It featured former Maceo Parker sideman, trombonist Dennis Rollins and Scottish violinist Rab Handleigh.

His 2018 and 2020 albums, 'St Owens Sessions' and 'A New Standard' are solo guitar arrangements of classic jazz repertoire. 'Night Train', from 2019, is an avant-garde inspired recording, exploring alternative timbres and sounds. Lee is scheduled to release 'Night Train Part II' in 2021.


Lee Jones is a British jazz-rock guitarist and composer, combining influences from modern jazz, fusion, blues, avant-garde and rock styles. Lee has regularly performed throughout the UK and worked alongside Larry Coryell, Martin Taylor and Dennis Rollins.

Since graduating from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire Jazz Course in 2007, he has released six solo albums with former WEA producer Simon Tittley and in 2019 completed a PhD in music composition at the University of Salford, Manchester, entitled 'Exploration of Unorthodox Tunings and Muscle Memory Practice for the Electric Guitar'.

Lee has released a series of solo jazz guitar videos and is a long-standing user of Ibanez semi-solid archtop guitars. Lee is currently developing his profile in Australia as a jazz guitarist and educator/music researcher. Lee has a second eBook and a new solo album, scheduled for release in 2022-23.

Live dates


21/01/2023 - Edinburgh Castle, Melbourne, VIC

24/01/2023 - Compass Pizza, Melbourne, VIC

10/02/2023 - Port Fairy Jazz Festival, VIC

11/02/2023 - Port Fairy Jazz Festival, VIC

12/03/2023 - Wesley Anne, Northcote, VIC

26/03/2023 - Paris Cat Jazz Club, Melbourne, VIC

14/04/2023 - Blackbird Bar, Canberra, ACT

16/04/2023 - Lazybones Lounge, Sydney, NSW

21-23/04/2023 - Newport Jazz Festival, VIC

15/05/2023 - Workshop @ SAE Institute, Adelaide, SA

15/05/2023 - The Wheatsheaf, COMA Adelaide, SA

20-21/05/2023 - Australasian jazz & Improvisation Network Conference

A New Standard

In Summer 2020, Lee Jones recorded and videoed his latest recording project, 'A New Standard' using Planet Zog Mobile facilities in West Sussex.

All of what you will see and hear below were live takes !


2 x 1979 Ibanez Artist 2630 guitars strung with D'addario ECG-23 chrome flatwounds (10-48)

1 x 2003 Gibson ES-335 Dot re-issue in red strung with either D'addario EXL110, NYXL or half-rounds

1 x Ibanez JSM110 strung with any of the strings listed above

1 x Ovation CS257

1 x Yamaha FG-150

1 x Yamaha C40 II

1 x Fender Blues Junior

2 x Fender Blues Deluxes

1 x Fender Twin

Very occasional use of pedals including Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer, Boss RV-5 digital reverb, Boss TR-2 tremolo, Jim Dunlop 535Q wah-wah and a Behringer Ultra DI-20 box

Lee also has a signature pick which is popular in Japan 😄

For further information : https://bridge-co.com/pick/news/leejones



2022 promises to be an exciting year for guitarist Lee Jones as he concentrates on developing his own unique profile as an international jazz guitarist.

The move to Melbourne

Lee has relocated to Australia from February 2022. Details of upcoming new live dates here :


New eBook

Lee's new eBook, 'Mastering Jazz Guitar Accompaniment' coming soon !

AJIRN Conference

Lee will be presenting at the Australasian Jazz and Network Research Conference (AJIRN) at Queensland Conservatorium, Brisbane May 6-8th 2022.


Lee is available for private guitar lessons via zoom/skype, in addition to face-to-face lessons in Melbourne :

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Areas covered include :

Building an effective practice routine


Arranging and composition


Plectrum technique

Fingerstyle technique

Chordal harmony

Scales and arpeggios

Rhythm guitar approaches

Special techniques - sweep picking, bends, hammer-ons, slides, tapping, harmonics

Preparation of graded repertoire (ABRSM, Rockschool, AMEB)

Transcription skills

Ear training

Please contact info@leejones-guitarist.com for further information.


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